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School Fundraising

School Fundraising

If your school isn't fortunate enough to already have everything it needs and your budget could benefit from a boost then we have some products (and a flexible process) that can support your fundraising efforts.


If you're associated with a school, pre-school, nursery or anyone looking to generate some extra funds through merchandise then contact us to discuss the opportunities available.



The products:

We produce a huge range of personalised products that could be used as fundrasing merchandise, but some of our best sellers are mugs, magnets, coasters, tea-towels and tote bags. 

With our main print system, every item can be different which means we don't need to print hundreds in advance.  We can print on demand when you have an order.  The big benefits are no unsold stock for you and each item can be personalised.

The design:

This is the fun bit!  When children are involved the creativity levels soar.  We love producing items that feature childrens' artwork.  This can be a collection of lots of drawings from the whole class, or it can be the work of a single child.

The ordering process:

The process can be flexed to suit your requirements, but it usually goes something like this:

1.  We agree which products will be printed, how often you want a print run, any design ideas, etc.

2.  The children draw or paint some amazing pictures (self portraits are always a winner).  We can provide templates for you to print out if that helps.

3.  You send us the original drawings/paintings.  We scan them in.  If names need to be added then there is space on the template (we can either use the child's writing or add the text on the computer).

4.  You market the products (we can produce single samples if that helps).

5.  You take the orders and let us know how many of each product/design.

6.  We print to order and send the products to you for distribution.

The price:

You are free to set your own re-sale price based on your own target market but our prices reflect that the purpose here is to raise money for your school or club.  The big benefit that we offer is no minimum order quantities and flexible print runs.  The print frequency can be set by you to maximise the costs but the best way is to take pre-orders as this allows us to print lots of products in one go.  If you need 1, 5, 10 at a time we can do this but some efficiencies are lost and postage costs can start to eat in to your profits.

School purchasers can use coupon code SCH409 to receive a special 15% discount on product prices (postage is unaffected).



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90mm hardboard coaster

Our hardboard coasters can be personalised to advertise your business, for personalised gifts or as ..

£7.20 Ex Tax: £6.00

Glass coaster

Our glass coasters can be personalised to advertise your business, for personalised gifts or as merc..

£14.40 Ex Tax: £12.00

Leather effect coaster

Our leather effect coasters are made from the fantastic PictaLeather™ material, which gives a vibran..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

10oz Ceramic Personalised Mug

Product Details: Our 10oz ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.  The print quali..

£9.60 Ex Tax: £8.00