Fansites, Gift & Souvenir Shops

Fansites, Gift & Souvenir Shops

One problem facing gift shops and fansites is knowing which designs or items will sell well.  This can lead to shortages (and maybe missed sales) or an abundance of a design that just won't shift!  Most of our personalised products can be printed to order with a mix of designs.

If you run a gift shop, a fan-site, or you want to sell your own designs or merchandise then contact us and let's see how we can help!



We produce a huge range of personalised products that are suited to gift shops.  Mugs, rulers, mousemats, coasters, photo-acrylic blocks, aluminium prints, water bottles, tea-towels and bags are just a few.


Gift shops:

Instead of you having to commit to large volume print runs, you can mix and match and have several different designs printed at a time.  Maybe you have lots of designs but only want to keep a low quantity available - well, you could have a variable order each week/month/year - 5 of design A, 3 of design B, 1 of design C, etc.  We could take orders by e-mail or we can set up each item on private page on the website and you can place orders that way.


Online shops/fansites:

For online outfits in particular where you don't need to display your physical wares, you could offer a wide range of designs for sale and then have us print to order - e.g. a weekly order with discofish for the actual products/designs that you've sold in the week before.  We can then print and ship to you or we can agree packaging requirements and drop-ship direct to your customers.  If a week is too long then we can agree shorter cycles, or even process each order as it comes in to your website.

As an added extra you could even have each item personalised with a name - e.g. a standard fansite mug design but each one printed with the fan's name or message. If you have an idea or a concept you'd like to run past us then please don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss!


Don't have a shop?

Even if you don't already have a web shop we can help.

For under £100 we can set up sub-store on our own web-site that can be branded with your own logo and populated with products that we print or embroider for you. An example of this set-up is the Chilled in Field Festival webshop (

Chilled in a field Festival logo

For under £1,000 pounds we can build you a complete e-commerce webshop based on the very successful and user-friendly OpenCart platform. Using this approach you can add and manage thousands of products, take customer payments, manage orders, write your own blog and so much more. Contact us to discuss web-development projects in more detail.

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